‘The hottest thing you’ll have all day’

Former food truck, 3 Ninjas opens Liberty Lake space, offering sandwiches, wraps, hot sauces and more.

Our Food

We always put our ingredients on a high pedestal because every journey towards making delectable cuisine starts with well-prepared quality ingredients. We take pride in providing fresh and quality food this is because we prepare our meals from the get-go every day. Every food preparation is done by hand by our highly experienced kitchen staff. Whether it’s chopping fresh onions and capsicum, grilling steak, preparing beans, rice, or chips. We believe if we utilize fresh ingredients in the preparation of our meals, we will surely give what our customers want; a heavenly experience.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring joy and pleasure to our people’s lives by providing exquisite cuisines that would delight their tastebuds and satiate their cravings. We have a sheer belief if everyone takes a small step towards bringing someone’s happiness with a little flavor, it will surely bring a positive change in our people, communities, and the entire world.

Our Restaurants

The main focus of our restaurants is always our customers. Moreover, 3 Ninjas also strives to create a safe and healthy environment and at the same time protect the world’s resources. We are on the path of utilizing resources that minimizes the impact on the environment. We will use sustainable packaging such as brown bags, compostable bowls, and other biodegradable utensils that will optimize our energy and water usage.