At 3 Ninjas, we have a sheer commitment in order to protect your privacy when you use our website. The main reason we collect your information is to provide you with a top-notch experience. We highly respect the confidence you have in us to protect your information and we will follow the US Privacy Principles. Please peruse our privacy policy below. You have to right to have us change your information at any time by emailing us. All the collected information from our customers is stored in a highly secure server. The server encrypts every collected information about our customers in order to secure it against unauthorized use or access. Our servers do not store your credit card information.

Storage And Security Of Your Information

We collect and store your information whenever you utilize our website in one form or another. For instance, the provided information can be in the form of basic contact information such as name, phone number, address, date of birth, and email address. These pieces of information allow us to process your order; apart from that, we also collect information at other times as well such as whenever you provide us feedback, talk to our customer support, participate in a survey or study, change your email preferences, and more.

The information which we collect from your side may be used for sending you marketing promotions and discount deals; recent updates to our website, and other information which we send in the form of newsletters. This will only be applicable to you if you have subscribed to our publications and shared your details with us. However, if ever in time you want to stop receiving such emails and notifications you can easily unsubscribe to such content either by email to us or simply unsubscribe to our emails and your request will immediately be entertained.

Apart from what is mentioned above, the collected information such as individual profiles and company details will not be used for any other purpose. That will only happen if these details are required to share by law with a third-party vendor for goods or services you purchased or to protect our trademarks, copyright, and other legal rights.

We respect every information that is provided by you to our online servers. The collected information on our servers which you provide may also use to personally identify you from other visitors. For instance, if you happen to contact our customer support and share your details with us or share a comment on our website, and maybe volunteer to respond to our survey about our products and services, and receive newsletters, our servers may identify you from other visitors using our website.

At 3 Ninjas, we will always strive to protect your sensitive information while it’s stored on our servers. We will not share or sell any of your personal information with any third party except the ones who help us provide the information and/or services that we provide you. We only share your personal information to a limit with our service provider but the only reason we would share them is if they will adhere to the privacy standards which we have set in this privacy policy to protect your personal data. Furthermore, we will use, share, and/or sell any non-personal information, communications, and material to share on this website or via email, or any information which we receive from our third-party vendors without the clause of protecting your privacy. All of these pieces of information may be stored, used, and shared by us non-confidentially. We have the liberty to use and reuse any such information for whatever reason and purpose. To be more specific, 3 Ninjas will use, reuse any information whether they are ideas, concepts, techniques to their full extent for any reason whatsoever which may include but is not limited to manufacturing, developing, or marketing products.


A cookie is a small file with the sheer purpose of track, personalizing, and saving information about each user’s visit to a website. These cookies are utilized to customize the experience as per the user’s needs and preferences. Cookies can not access your personal information stored on your computers such as name, date of birth, phone number, or email address. Although most web browsers tend to accept cookies automatically, however, you can still opt out by going into your web browser’s settings. Rejecting these cookies will prevent you from taking full advantage of using our website. The main reason why we use cookies is to analyze website traffic that enables us to deliver an exceptional experience to our users. Moreover, cookies may be used to show relevant ads to the user based on their preferences through utilizing third-party services such as Google Adwords and more. These ads may either appear on our website or any other website you visit.

Disclosure Of Your Information

3 Ninjas may require to disclose and share your information from time to time. That may include your sensitive information in order to adhere to the US laws, regulations, subpoena, court order, warrant, that may require to pursue a legal proceeding or a request from a law enforcement agency. Moreover, we may also use your personal data in order to protect the rights and safety of 3 Ninjas, our customers, and/or third-party vendors. In case of change of authority in our business (whether it’s by merger, sale, transfer of assets or other). We will have to share your information, which may include your sensitive data with the potential buyer of our company but under the confidentiality agreement. Your information will be shared with the potential buyer in good faith which is needed by any of the above-mentioned situations.

Third-Party Vendors

We are not in the business to sell or deal with our customer’s personal information. All of your information is protected from our third-party vendors with the exception of all mandatary information required by service providers of which you have purchased products or services, to protect the rights of property, or safety of 3 Ninjas, our customers or third-party vendors, or if it’s required by law. We may use your information generally without ever mentioning and disclosing your identity in order to create marketing statistics, analyze user demands, and meeting to the customers' needs and wants. Moreover, we may also use the information which you have provided in order to optimize our website, products, and services only and not for any other purpose.


Our endeavor is always to ensure maximum security, safety, and privacy of sensitive information of all our users visiting our website. That is why we also update and upgrade our security protocols from time to time.


This website may contain links to third-party vendor websites which are only meant to provide convenience to our visitors. Although our website may have links to the third-party website, however, it does not in any way mean that we endorse, sponsor, or approve their websites. You need to be wary of the privacy practices of these websites. We highly recommend that you be aware of the websites you are visiting when you leave our website. You need to read their privacy policy in order to know how they collect and use your information. Please remember that this privacy policy is solely made for this website only. Every website has its own privacy policy, so you need to read all of them whenever you visit any website.

Changes In Privacy Policy

Even though you are reading the most updated privacy policy, however, this policy is subject to change. We have the right to make changes to our privacy policy at any time, at our sole discretion and all the changes will immediately be effective once it’s live on the privacy policy page of this website. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you visit our privacy policy from time to time to peruse the most updated version. If you need more information or have concerns about our privacy policy or how we use your information, please contact us at [support email] with “Privacy Officer” in the subject line and we will respond within 24 hours.